Economical & Fast    x            Compact Disc Duplication from your CD master & Rough CD Layout          x

24 - 48 hour normal production turn around time (from receipt of required information) 1


Price includes DATA  or Music duplication to bulk CDR  delivered on spindle.

For One Color Printing on Disc (Black) add  .15 each

For CD stuffed in paper sleeve with window add  .15 each

For CD stuffed in plastic Jewel Case  .35 each

For CD stuffed in slim line Jewel Case add .30 each


Compact Disc R

$ 1.00


$   50.00

Per 100 count. spindle

Compact Disc R

$ 0.85


$ 85.00

Retail Ready          x           Compact Disc Duplication from your CD master, Gloss Photo  & Rough Layout          x

Price includes duplication to CDR *  Graphics * 1 photo scan *  Full Color 1 Page Front Panel *  Black Printing on Disk *  

Full color Tray Card  *    Jewel Box    *    Shrink Wrapped


$50.00 one time setup  - No setup charge on re-orders


For 2 page (full color front & B&W back) front panel add .10 each

For each additional photo scan add one time $20.00

For Slim line jewel case (no tray card) subtract subtract .30 each


Compact Disc R



$   80.00  


Compact Disc R



$ 175.00 


Compact Disc R

$ 3.00


$ 300.00  

Prices do not include taxes, handling and shipping

Client is responsible for all royalties, licensing, musician, and studio fees

1 Signature Studios will make every effort to meet your schedule with fast CD's however, no guarantee of delivery is expressed or implied as we have no control over venders, shipment or delivery.

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