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Signature Studios is back up and recording with a new control room, 24 bit digital and full moving fader automation.  Photos to be posted.


Signature Studios is an outstanding recording facility for the serious musician, singer, songwriter or musical group. We are located just of Lexington, SC, on beautiful Lake Murray

Designed primarily for live instrumental and vocal production, the live room is a large L-shaped area that can handle ensembles of all sizes and styles from duos to choirs, rock, rhythm & blues to gospel. Also included is a large isolation room for drummers or vocals.  The control room houses 24 tracks (192 virtual tracks) of 24 bit digital audio controlled by a Mackie d8b with full moving fader automation.  In addition, each track has 24 bit gates, compression and 4 types of eq. The control room also houses a computer dedicated to Mastering and MIDI production and can be synchronized to the system via SMPTE time code. All other audio connections are tied together using patch bays making outboard effects and equipment routing fast and easy.

Audio mastering is done on a DAW system consisting of a Zefiro Acoustics ZA2 digital audio card into a PII 300 computer system. Mastering software includes Sound Forge Digital Sound Editing plus Waves plug-ins, including the famous L-1 Ultramaximizer that features look-a-head peak limiting and advanced re-quantization to ensure industry standard output levels prior to duplication. Using spectrum analysis, we have the ability to graph your music by frequency to help locate hot or dead spots. In addition, our noise reduction and click removal plug-ins allow us to remove much of the noise, hiss, clicks and pops from old tapes and records as we restore quality and presence.

Sequencing is provided using Cake Walk Pro Audio and/or Sonar software.  Soundtracks are developed using a combination of live instruments, Giga-studio and Sonar for the best sounding backing ever.  We also have a variety of other music software packages that will help transform your ideas into music and enhance your sound.

CD Duplication is done in-house with an automated duplicator and thermal printer.  We use only the best CDr's available combined with black thermal printing you get a neat, clean, professional looking CD that will not smudge or smear.

Signature Studios offers retail ready cassettes & CD’s, demo tapes, one-off CD’s, graphics, web page design, music arrangement and development for songwriters plus complete soundtracks. All that you need to furnish is talent and we can do the rest. Our goal is to offer a complete package to accommodate your specific needs, at surprisingly reasonable prices.

Sound Reinforcement - Signature Studios offers a sound package for small to medium sized venues, indoors or outdoors.  We can fill your audio needs for business meetings, concerts, town festivals, music programs or any audio needs that  you may have.


Disc Jockey Services - Signature Studios presents the Rhythm Parrots DJ.   Weddings or private parties, The Rhythm Parrots Disc Jockey will provide the music for the occasion.  1000's of titles from Beach, shaggable R&B, Country, Line Dances, Classic R&R to specialty selections that entertain both adults and children alike.

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Please contact Jimmy Davis by clicking  "contact us"


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